(506) 328-4417 vfsfood@nb.aibn.com

Second Hand Store

All clothing and dishware donations are accepted directly to Brighter Days Boutique. We accept everything with the exception to big furniture. We will take either 5 bags or 5 boxes per trip per day from individuals. This will allow for more individuals per day. We can not accept car loads or truck loads of donations all at once, it has to be 5 bags or 5 boxes per trip per day.

Any items that are placed on the deck at night will be brought in by 8am the next day, weekend donations will be brought in on Monday mornings at 8am – leave at own risk.

We are affiliated with the Valley Food Bank but are not the Valley Food Bank – we do not accept food donations at Brighter Days Boutique.

All proceeds from Brighter Days Boutique goes back into Valley Food Bank to purchase for the food hampers.


Address is 162 Houlton Street
Woodstock, NB

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday: 9am – 4:30pm
Friday: 9am – 3:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Donation Hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 8am – 4pm

(506) 328-4417

Christmas Closure:

Closing Thursday Dec 21st @ 1pm and re-opening Tuesday Jan 2nd 2024


What form of payment is accepted?

Currently we are cash only or e-transfer at vfsfood@nb.aibn.com

Do you accept clothing/dishware donations?

We accept everything with the exception of big furniture from Monday to Wednesday 8am to 4pm, 5 bags or 5 boxes per trip per day

Can I donate furniture?

We are no longer taking furniture.

Donations need to be dropped off from Monday to Wednesday 8am to 4pm inside the store – no donations are to be left on weekends – if you do drop off, it is at your own risk.

Please note we can only take 5 bags or 5 boxes PER TRIP PER DAY